Monday, October 17, 2016

O Kadhal Kanmani

Telling romance in a romantic way, who else can do this better than Mani Ratnam? I wanted to watch this movie but I wanted it in a legit, good quality way. So I waited till it showed up in a quality online streaming site and finally here it is on Netflix (yes Netflix US has this movie now!). It is good to see both Netflix and Amazon bringing more Indian movies to the US cloud. This was a sweet addition.

O Kadhal Kanmani is all about romance and it is told with a brilliant touch of photography, music and sound. That is what all you want in a Sunday evening when it is cold outside and you want to spend couple of hours watching a flick! The first thing came in my mind was it's resemblance with another MR hit Alaipayuthey. The movie starts in a Railway station, a techie boy and an academic girl, boy is much more poorer than the girl, an older couple who stands as a symbol of eternal love..(the list can go on). Nevertheless I enjoyed the movie anyway.

Though there are few scenes and occasions where you feel like it "happens only in movies" (isn't it obvious?) there are lot of moments and scenes which are very realistic as well as romantically energizing. The director has used his skills to shift us to our own imaginary worlds about love, romance and companionship.

Alrighty folks, more than the story and quality of the overall movie, I am here to talk about how well it is packed. The photography is well done. The balance of the colors, lights and tones are very well taken care of, so is the editing. The scenes really made canvas like images in my 55" SUHD screen. I wish I could get  a 4K Blu-Ray disc version of this movie! The songs are also light and sweet. One thing I really want to mention about is the background score and sound effects.

While the background score is beautiful and uses some very unique bits and instruments, the sound effect is amazing. The last main sequence in the market in heavy rain was really an experience. Though the movie is not in Dolby Atmos (at least not in Netflix where it gives a regular Dolby 5.1 output), my Marantz AVR up-mixed it to full surround and it was really cool! With the height channels mostly playing the rain, it really felt like we were in the market and walking along with the characters.

If you want to spend two hours watching a feel good romantic movie, this is a good choice with added benefits of great photography, music and overall visual / audio experience. Try to watch it in a moderately good to well entertainment system to get fully involved with it. After all a good comeback for Mani Ratnam.

Setup used for review:
TV – Samsung 55JS8500 55” SUHD 4K HDR TV.
PC – Dell Precision Custom PC with i7 and Nvidia GeForce 950 Graphics with JRiver Media Server.
4K Blu-Ray – Oppo UDP-203 UHD/HDR Disc Player, CD/SACD – Denon 1940CI Disc Player.
DAC – Teac UD-301 DSD DAC. 
AVR – Marantz SR6011 Dolby Atmos/ DTS:x  11.2 channels in 5.2.4 setup.
Amp – Rogue Audio Sphinx V2 Integrated Amp w/ Northern Electric Tubes for fronts/Music.
Tower Speakers – Monitor Audio Silver 6.
Center Speaker– Monitor Audio SLCR, Surround Speakers – NHT SuperZero Book Shelf Speakers.
Height channel Speakers - PSB Imagine XA x 4 Atmos modules.
Subwoofers – Outlaw Audio LFM-1 and SVS Sound SB-1000.
Audioquest, Mogami and Bluejean cables.

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