Thursday, November 3, 2016

Neeye - A Harmony of Music and Dance

Neeye - A Harmony of Music and Dance

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It is a always beautiful to see two people enjoying, forgetting all things around them. When Music and Dance become the main part of their enjoyment, it is even better. That is what this amazing little video is about. Is there a big and long story behind it? May be, may be not. All we are presented with is just two beautiful people, a boy and a girl, harmonizing themselves into dance, music and to each other.

The video starts with two young people trying to rehearse their dance performance with a beautiful background song and somehow they are missing their steps and synchronization. Someone, who seems like their instructor intervenes and tells them to simply look at each other more and increase the proximity. The magic starts from there! I feel like it is actually a message to us to look at each other more.
Then they continue their practice which no longer looks like a practice at all. The dance. music and them becomes united as if they are the notations in the staff on a sheet of melody. They move to another abandoned building roof top and the scenes over there are also beautiful. One thing I really liked is how they rode their motorcycle. Thankfully they both were wearing helmets which is not a common site in shows and movies. The background and scenes changes to an amusement park for a short while. It actually adds a balance to the overall video which shows how the togetherness or proximity as mentioned by their instructor earlier helps them to become more connected, fluid and become "one".

First of all kudos to the dancers and musicians behind this great work. You all did an amazing job! Special mention to Shreya Deshpande and Niranjan Harish who take us with them to another world. Music Composer Phani Kalyan and Choreographer Vishwakiran Nambi have also done a beautiful work which gel together well. All went fine in the hands of Gomtesh Upadhye who is the writer and Director. I should also congratulate  the photography, editing, sound engineering and other supportive crew for this wonderful creation.

Thanks to Nikon for helping with photography, I am a Nikon user myself :).
Some more screenshots and images.

I will be waiting more from this team. Give us more, either in the music or dance form or something like this which brigs the best of two. Efforts like these remind me we still have beautiful people around us who love art, love and life which make us human beings.

Setup used for review:
TV – Samsung 55JS8500 55” SUHD 4K HDR TV.
PC – Dell Precision Custom PC with i7 and Nvidia GeForce 950 Graphics with JRiver Media Server.
4K Blu-Ray – Oppo UDP-203 UHD/HDR Disc Player, CD/SACD – Denon 1940CI Disc Player.
DAC – Teac UD-301 DSD DAC. 
AVR – Marantz SR6011 Dolby Atmos/ DTS:x  11.2 channels in 5.2.4 setup.
Amp – Rogue Audio Sphinx V2 Integrated Amp w/ Northern Electric Tubes for fronts/Music.
Tower Speakers – Monitor Audio Silver 6.
Center Speaker– Monitor Audio SLCR, Surround Speakers – NHT SuperZero Book Shelf Speakers.
Height channel Speakers - PSB Imagine XA x 4 Atmos modules.
Subwoofers – Outlaw Audio LFM-1 and SVS Sound SB-1000.
Audioquest, Mogami and Bluejean cables.

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